What is homeless extras?

Homeless Extras is a casting agency for homeless men and women.

In film productions background actors, also known as extras, are often needed to complete the picture of a scene. The extras don't need great acting skills since they are but a minor, yet vital, part of a set: a detail in the background and very often out of focus.
For every day on set, the extras get paid a fee.
This insight sparked the idea to establish the first homeless casting agency in collaboration with The Volksbond, an Amsterdam based organization that supports the homeless.

How does it work?
The Volksbond provides a selection of homeless men and women who are fit for the job. When you need extras, you can contact the Volksbond through the mail form on this website. When your homeless extras come to the set, they will be accompanied by a Volksbond volunteer. De Volksbond receives half of the compensation an extra gets paid for the job, the other half goes to the homeless extra. The volunteer from The Volksbond will sign quit claims for all extras.

Support the homeless by hiring them as extras.

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Book your Homeless Extras

Homeless Extras can be booked directly on this website.
Fill in the form and a representative will contact you. To cast a specific group for your shoot we need a couple of days to set things up. So please be kind and share your production planning in time.
On the shoot a volunteer from De Volksbond will accompany the extras on set.
Just let us know how many extras you need. From our side availability won't be a big issue ;-)

Thanks for your booking :-)
We will contact you as soon as possible.
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